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The Power Of Positive Thinking

(Compiled from notes of Guru Maa’s diary)

“Geniuses are not different people, but they do things differently.”

You all are smart, intelligent and bright children. You all are geniuses. What one student can do others can also do. Scientists say that most people use less than 10% of their brain. More than 90% of the brain is apparently unused. Human brain contains 1,500 crores neurons. Every single brain cell makes connection with 5,000 to 10,000 other brain cells. The network of brain cells is so complex that brain can be imagined to be like a huge telephone network. Repetition strengthens these connections.

“Success is 15% skills and 85% matter of attitude.”

Success begins within your state of mind. A man was once given a magic wand and asked what he would like to change. He said- “the attitude of the people.”

“Life’s battle don’t always go to the stronger or faster man.

But sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can.”

YES you become what you intensely believe. You can never be bigger, better or more successful than you believe.

Example:- A farmer exhibited a pumpkin grown in the exact shape of a small jug. When the pumpkin was only of the size of the thumb, he stuck it in the jug and just let it grow. When it filled the jug it quit growing. What the walls of the jug did to the pumpkin our BELIEFS do to us.

The principle of believing is like dialing a telephone number. You get what you dial. If you dial the wrong number i.e. fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, you will get that, if you dial success, confidence, happiness you will get that. It is important to believe intensely. You cannot achieve your goal by a casual, indifferent belief.

If you are not accomplishing what you should, it is because you don’t really think in your heart that you can do it. You must intensely believe- YOU CAN DO IT.

Bible says- what you believe and repeat to your self you become like that.

As you think so shall you be.

so, repeat only positive statements to your self several times a day like-

  • I am a winner.
  • I am confident and I have good concentration.
  • I have determination, drive and self-belief.
  • I believe in myself and I respect myself.
  • I have made the decision to win in my life and that’s what I am doing.

By this process previous negative programming can be completely changed to positive one. Repeat these positive statements several times a day especially those in which you have negative attitude.

“Man is 98% mental and only 2% physical.”

Your brain conveys your thoughts and belief’s to your body.

  • If you think-‘ I will succeed’, your brain tells your body to get ready and get success.
  • If you think-‘ I will fail.’ Your brain tells your body-‘ Do not even try , there is no chance of success.’

Hence, if your mind tells you, you can do it, you can certainly do it and your whole body will co-operate.

If you keep telling yourself-I am tired, I can’t do it, etc. you won’t be able to do it. Let us take an example- You come back from your school and you tell your mother that today I am very tired, I want to sleep, please don’t disturb me. Suddenly your friend rings you up and tells you- I am coming to your house and then we will go for a movie. All your tiredness vanishes and you are ready to go.

This example shows- what your mind tells the body, the body will act in that way. The power is within your thoughts. Every cell has intelligence. So, always think positive, have a belief in yourself- “I CAN DO IT.” Be determined in your attitude. Give your 100% to every task you are doing.

Do not let negative emotions like fear, anxiety, lack of confidence etc. trouble you. Always tell yourself-”WITH THE HELP OF GOD I CAN DO EVERYTHING”. He is there to help me. “Why fear when god is near”

Albert Einstein worked 18 hours a day and when his blood sample was tested there was no fatigue toxins and when the blood sample of a student was tested there were fatigue toxins. Einstein said-he had no negative emotions like jealousy, hatred, fear, anxiety etc. Negative emotions create a flight (run away) or fight condition, and the blood supply is diverted from the brain to the hands and feet.

When you are happy or your believe in achieving success in whatever you are doing that thought is conveyed to your whole body. Your body becomes more energetic. When someone is unhappy and sad his body is slow, dull and tired.

If you are facing repeated failures in life, don’t be depressed. Failures are the pillars of success. See where you have gone wrong, improve it.

Certainly you can improve it. Don’t let any negative emotion trouble you.

All the best!!

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  1. surinder kumar bajaj

    सतगुरु भगवान जी अवम गुरू माँ जी को ह्रदय से दण्डवत नमन है।बहुत ही अच्छी जानकारी दी है।आप ही हमे हर समय सकारात्मक सोच मे रहना सीखा रहे है।सभी पॉइन्ट बहुत ही प्रोत्साहित करते है।आप जी के अनन्त शुक्राने है??

  2. Seema namdev

    Thank you thank you very much dear guru Bhagwan ji va guru maa ji. Par kar itna motivation aur inspiring hai ki isse par kar jab bhi lage ki kuch demotivate ho rahe hai to jab chahye upne aap ko reacharge kar le. Aap ke anant anant shukrane ?

  3. Dr Vinni Taneja

    Truly truly grateful to our Guru MAA and Guru Bhagwaan ji for always inspiring and motivating us to be positive and to be in Gratitude forever ??

  4. Rakhee kandhari

    Amazing and very impactful post. Much much thanks Guru bhagwanji for making us raise towards positivity

  5. प्रमोद कुमार बंसल

    गुरु भगवान को कोटि कोटि नमन है।

    गुरु भगवान जी ने बताया कि वे कौन से कार्य हैं जो हम कर सकते हैं, वे कौन से कार्य हैं जिनमें कुशलता हासिल की जा सकती है या कि वे कौन से कार्य जो हमारे कार्य क्षेत्र से बाहर है?

    साकारत्मक सोच के द्वारा हम अपनी अच्छाइयों बुराइयों को जानते हुए भी खुद के प्रति आदर भाव रख सकते है एवं खुद को कभी भी नकारने की भावना से दूर रख पाते है।
    ऐसे प्रेरणात्मक लेखो द्वारा हमारा मनोबल बढ़ाने के लिए आपका शुक्रिया शुक्रिया।

    1. Poonam Chugh

      Guru Bhagwan ji v Gurumaa ji ko hirdey se koti koti naman h. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      Positive thinking se bharpurta de rahey h mere Guruvar anant anant shukrane bhagwan ji ????

  6. Surinder bajaj

    A lot of shukrane to our Guru Bhagwan ji and Guru Maa ji for such an inspiring blog and article. This article we will try to positive in every time and every scene in our life.aap ke anant shukrane hai

  7. Anu arora

    A lots of thanks to Our Mentor for such an inspiring blog compiled from Notes from Gurumaajis diary.
    Positive affirmations are wonderful.
    Pumpkin example makes the article very clear.
    After reading this article I m feeling strong and more positive.
    Every sentence of this article is valuable.

  8. Sonia Malhotra

    Amazing article by the grace of divine guru bhahwan ji and guru maa ji.
    Examples of pumpkin and Einstein make the points very clear.
    By this article we will try to be positive in every scene of our life.
    Aapke anant anant shukrane hain bhagwan ji.

    1. Ritu bajaj

      Millions of thanks to Guru Bhagwan ji & Guru Maa ji.
      Improve our thinking & motivate to be positive.
      Positive affirmations are wonderful.
      With of help of God our Guru bhagwan ji we can do everything.
      Thanks for share this article.

  9. Savita Churiwala

    Guru bhagwan ji ke prem ke anant shukrane hai ?

  10. Bharti

    A million thanks Guru Bhagwanji and Guru maa ji for such an inspiring blog. Thank you very much for helping us improve our thinking pattern and motivating to be positive, strong and confident with a low profile.
    Explanation is very beautiful.

  11. Nupur Srivastava

    Guru Bhagwan and Guru Maa ji ko koti-koti naman h.

    Shukrane bhaghwan ji for always motivating us and making us strong.

  12. Nidhi Gupta

    Thank you so much for sharing this article. It is very important for us to have such a strong believe system to win in every sphere of life. These positive affirmations are really wonderful. After reading this I felt strong vibrations & hope inside me. Thank you.

  13. Madhu Gaur

    Every sentence of this wonderful blog is worth imbibing
    Very practical and achievable
    Of course guidance of our Devine Masters Guru Bhagwan ji and Guru Maa is a must ?
    So thanks to Guru Bhagwan ji and the team

  14. Geeta

    Ji…. Param Pujya SATGURU BHAGWAN JI …. Aap ji ki aseem kripa se hi positive thoughts ….positive attitude .. har pal shukrane …i can do it…because My Supreme power GURU BHAGWAN JI ….always with me every moment ??❤❤?????????

  15. Pavitra upadhyay

    गुरु भगवांनजी को ह्र्दय से नमन है, आपके प्रेम के अनंत अनंत शुकराने हैं जो हमेशा हमें सकारात्मकता म ही रखते हैं राधें राधें भगवांनजी।

  16. Stuti kapoor

    Thankyou guru bhagwaan ji and gurumaaji for sharing this motivational blog with us….. No doubt we all are surrounded by negative thoughts but It is only you and your divine qualities which make us positive..You change our negative thoughts and emotions. ..Hum apke hain ap hmare hain….Apke anant anant shukrane hain..

  17. Shikha Bansal

    Guru bhagwan ji ke anant anant shukrane hai
    Jo hamesha positiveti ke baar me batate hai
    Guru bhagwan ji ki krapa se hi negative soch
    Se positive soch pate hai ??

  18. Ritika pal

    Very motivational post Bhagwan ji.
    Example of pumpkin is very good which tells us how our beliefs stop us to achieving our goal.
    Only Guru Bhagwan helps us to change our negative thinking pattern to positive.
    Guru Bhagwan ji va Guru Maa ji ke anant anant shukarane hain.

    1. Raghav

      Gurubhagwanji k anant anant shukrane. Pumpkin wali story se kaafi ache se clear hua point that we are what we believe. Shukrane

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