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Blue Zones

“Blue Zone” is a non-scientific term given to geographic regions that are home to some of the world’s oldest people. Here people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

The concept was developed by National Geographic Fellow and author Dan Buettner.

There are five Blue Zones in the world:

1.Okinawa (Japan),

2.Sardinia (Italy),

3.Nicoya (Costa Rica),

4.Icaria (Greece), and

5.Loma Linda (California, USA).


They are called Blue Zones because when Dan Buettner and his colleagues were searching for these areas, they drew blue circles around them on a map.

Three basic factors associated with blue zones are –


2.fasting, and


  • What they put in their mouth, how much and when is worth a close look.
  • They consumed locally produced food.
  • Also, preparing right food in right way is important.

Blue zone powers-

Here are some healthy life style habits which are being naturally followed by blue zoners –

  1. Move naturally:

The people in blue zones (these are the healthiest areas in the world) incorporate movement into their daily activities. They may not work out at a gym, but they’re walking and moving throughout their days without necessarily thinking about it. These activities can include gardening, walking to destinations instead of driving, carrying laundry, working in the yard, working in kitchen and any activities that are movement-intense while accomplishing daily tasks.

  1. Knowing your purpose:

Researches says Okinawans have a term, “ikigai,” and Nicoyans have a phrase, “plan de vida,” that translate as “why I get up in the morning.”  Research shows that having a sense of purpose in your life can add about seven years to average life expectancy. Retirees whose identities and purpose have been tied to their careers may need to find a new purpose to motivate them after their retirement.

  1. Down shifting:

It means adopting “Take it easy” policy in life to banish stress. Even people in the Blue Zones experience stress.

Blue zone residents incorporate routines into their daily lives that help them naturally relieve stress, such as napping, praying, meditating, going to places close to nature to spend happy hours or winding down before bedtime. Prioritizing time to pause, rest and reflect can effectively manage and reduce daily stress.


  1. 80% Rule:

It means – Don’t over eat.

It’s a mantra that reminds them to stop eating when they’re 80% full. Many people eat until they feel “stuffed,” but in the blue zones, residents tend to stop eating when they feel 80% full. That avoids eating to excess and encourages mindful eating.

  1. Plant slant:

It means eating more plant based meals. It includes more of vegetables and fruits in diet.

Inhabitants of blue zones are not necessarily vegetarians, but meat has a lesser place in their diets than in modern American culture. In blue zones, plates tend to be at least 50% full of fruits and vegetables. Plant-based oils are also commonly associated with longevity and health rather than animal-derived fats such as lard and butter. Researches show that some of the best anti-aging foods are chia seeds, walnuts, soybeans, and sprouts.

  1. Finding a Right tribe:

It means building a social circle that supports healthy behaviors. Happiness is contagious.

Their is a common saying –

 “Make new friends but keep the old,

One is silver and the other gold.”

It rings true for the blue zone residents, who surround themselves with social circles that support healthy living. Making new friends can supply a boon at any age. In Okinawan culture, it’s common for people to be part of a “moai,” a group of five friends who commit to each other for life, starting in childhood. Having trusted companions to share life with you even in your senior years can make an enormous difference in how long you live and how much you continue to enjoy it.


  1. Putting loved ones first:

The centenarians (People who live above 100 years ) did not live solitary lives. Rather, their lives were family centric. Most of them lived with their families or a life partner and spent time with their children and grandchildren. Put family first, including investing in your children, committing to a partner, and keeping aging parents and grandparents nearby. If they had no biological family, still they nurtured friendly network and social connection to have the feeling of belongingness and share love, care & affection.

  1. Belong to a spiritual community:

Researches have shown that most of the people who are above 90 or 100 years were active in faith-based communities. Like we have SATSANG. An organization does not have to be religious to help your longevity and wellness. The important thing is that these longest-lived humans prioritized community. Getting involved in organizations you care about, going to worship services, volunteering for a nonprofit service group or joining a social club can help you live a longer, healthier life.

Interestingly, genetics probably only account for 20–30% of longevity. Therefore, environmental influences, including diet and lifestyle, play a huge role in determining your lifespan.


Our Spiritual Master has revealed a great secret related to Blue zones in Bharat.

In Bharat there are some hiddan blue Zones in Brajshetra (Land of Lord krishna) and Himalyas. Here there are many Bhakts and Spiritual seekers who live above 90’s and 100’s completely devoted to Lord Krishna, The Supreme Universal consciousness.


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