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Everyone is living in fear for some reason or the other. Today, with the CORONA Pandemic the situation is worse than ever. Fear of the deadly Covid 19 Virus and its unknown consequences has reached the proportions of panic in large sections of the society. Fear is a negative force which weakens the mind, blocks the strong positive energy which flows from the higher levels inside us, and disturbs our immune system. At a time when we need every ounce of strength Positivity, we are found wanting, because of mass hysteria which has upset almost everything and everyone.


God has linked the feeling of fear to self preservation, or simply put, it is the survival instinct in everyone. On the first sign of danger or an adverse situation, the reaction that fear creates is ‘flight or fight’. Though fear is a very powerful basic instinct in all living creatures, it is more pronounced in human beings, because of their vivid imagination, and their self-centered thinking.

Guru Bhagwan (Our Mentor) says- that our faith and devotion in God activates the higher centres of our being to release positive energy, which in turn boosts our immune system to keep us healthy. Devotion here does not mean long prayer meetings or meditation sessions, it means simply, submitting to the will of God.


A person in the grip of fear is affected in the following ways-

  • Suffers mental paralysis. Cannot think coherently, or make sound decisions. He is tongue-tied. He stutters and stammers incoherently.
  • Is more preoccupied in coming out of his adversities, rather than giving off his best for the success of the task in hand.
  • Until he can overcome his fears, his efforts come to a standstill. His breathing is shallow, there is a hollow feeling in the stomach, hands shiver and legs tremble.
  • He gets deluded by the thought of the consequences of the situation that he is facing, to an extent that he cannot even think of turning for help to God, even if God is standing in front of him. Example– As given in the Gita, Arjun in such a situation, was ready to even leave the Battlefield without a fight, he could not even fathom that Lord Krishna was his Mentor, and as his charioteer was ready to guide him through the Maze of this World and The Battlefield of Kurukshetra’.


  1. Body Consciousness.
    Everyone is living in body consciousness, so naturally, concern for the safety, welfare, happiness for the body gain a high priority in our thinking. Anything which causes an impediment in the above becomes a cause of fear. The reasons for being afraid are expectations, ambitions, ego and circumstances of a person. 

2. Some Common Reasons. Some common reasons for fear could be-

  • Fear of injury, illness, body harm and discomfort or even death.
  • Concerns for physical safety, including safety on the roads.
  • Concerns of financial issues. A financial loss in the past could cause fear, and caution in financial dealings and investments.
  • Fear for the safety, education or career of the children.
  • Fear for the security and happiness in relationships, particularly with the spouse.
  • Being fearful about the house and property.
  • Fear of not meeting the deadline in their job when pressed for time. This is very common among the young people these days, in the Educational Field and in the Corporate World.
  • Fear of losing your job.
  • Fear of the ‘ego’ being hurt, such as being snubbed, or not being recognized.

3. Fear of the Unknown.
No one is afraid of incidents that have already occurred in the past, because the results are already known. Fear is always of the unknown outcome of future events based on the imagination and the degree of personal attachment of the individual with the outcome. These could for

  • Waiting for the results of competitions, examinations and selections.
  • Waiting for the return of children from an event or a long journey.
  • Expectations from others.
  • Expectations in the sports, educational or financial fields.


If fear can be kept under control it can act as a very powerful driving and motivating force as seen here:-

  • A little fear in fulfilling the task acts as a catalyst for higher achievement. Fear keeps a person alert at all times, and puts an urgency in his actions.
  • While facing a fearful or dangerous situation, a person makes meticulous plans and preparations, and prepares for all eventualities. This is half the recipe for success.
  • Doing your task diligently even in the face of danger, lest you let down your colleagues, subordinates, your organization or your Nation. Your own Honour is at stake. No cost is too much for your self esteem.
  • Doing your job with a sense of personal sacrifice, so as not to cause a loss to others or to the organization.
  • Fighting fear makes a person strong, so that he can fight these situations better in future.


Fear can seldom be overcome. It has to be brought under control by some of the following means-

  1. Eliminating the Unknown. If you know what to expect, chances of fear are less. ‘Face your fears’, ie, actually do the things that are making you afraid, and become familiar of all the possible results or consequences. This is the main concept that is being followed in all fields.
  • In The Army. The Military trains and rehearses when it is preparing its soldiers for war. Soldiers are trained over and over again for all types of situations that they are likely to face, so that they are not surprised on the battlefield. Practical training using live ammunition to simulate battle conditions is carried out.
  • In The Educational Field. In educational institutions, pre-board examinations and mock test papers are used for eradicating examination fear and instill confidence in the students.
  • In Sports. In the field of sports also, fear of forthcoming competitions can be overcome by practicing repeatedly under varied conditions, and organizing local matches so that nothing can surprise or frighten the sportsperson.

2. Companionship. Aloofness and loneliness often breed fear. Working as a team, in groups or pairs helps to foster courage. Comradeship and Espirit-de-Corps go a long way in building group morale and courageous behavior.

3. Prayer. In times of crisis everyone turns for comfort and solace to his personal deity,


For an established spiritual seeker, fear is sacrilege, ie, defiling God’s name by not placing full trust in Him. Our Mentor often assures us, Why fear when God is near.’  In the Gita, Lord Krishna has said, ‘I make my disciples fearless.’ In Chapter 16/1 the first divine quality that the Lord has quoted is ‘Absence of fear’.  Lord Krishna has listed a few things in various places in the Gita-

  • Full faith and devotion in God makes us fearless. He is not only the Master of the Universe, but also our beloved Father, who has promised to protect us and fulfill all our needs.
  • God is the doer of all things. He will give us whatever we deserve and is good for us. Why should we get involved with our uncontrolled desires and then become fearful for their fulfillment.
  • When we leave everything in God’s hands we find that He has mysteriously solved all our problems and apprehensions. In the Gita the Lord has said ‘Remember me at all times, and do all you duties.’
  • Ego, desires and attachment make us weak and fearful. Believe in God, He knows what is best for us.
  • Surrender unto God. He has promised that he will alleviate all our troubles, our fears and atone all our sins, to make us eternally happy.


In conclusion Guru says that there is no shame of feeling afraid. It is a brave person who can control his fears and move forward towards his goal. Remember-

  • Have faith, God loves you and will make you fearless and bestow everlasting happiness on you.
  • Leave things in the hands of God. Surrender to the will of God.
  • In overcoming fear you will emerge stronger.
  • Rise above body consciousness in order to overcome the concerns of the body, and become unafraid.
  • A higher goal will help in overcoming fear, and will raise you to a level where personal sacrifice rather than safety will become your glorious goal.
  • Face your fears and do the things that are the cause of your apprehensions. Towards this end plan, prepare and rehearse your task, so that you can overcome the fear of the unknown, and are not faced with surprises.

Finally, Guru Bhagwan says you are never alone.

God is always with you. You just have to remember Him all the time and continue with your duties without fear.

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  1. Charu Satya

    “Why fear when God is near” with deep faith all our fear vanishes. Very well written. Thanks for sharing.
    Great website. Kudos to all the hard work.

  2. Mohit

    Found it very useful. These are the life changing thoughts.

    Thanks to bhartiya utpadan.

  3. Vaishali agrawal ( jaipur)

    Very helpful and powerful article for these days. Shukrane guru bhagwan ji

  4. Sonia Malhotra

    Lots of thanks to our guru bhagwan ji for making us fearless in every situation of life. ??

  5. Bharti

    Very beautifully positive aspect of fear is discussed in this article. Also, great explanation to overcome fear which creeps in our day to day life by giving example of Krishan and Arjun. Along with practice ways to overcome fear , learnt that complete surrender to Guru / God is the ultimate solution. Thank you very much for this wonderful article in the present scenario. Thanks to my Mentor.

  6. Manu

    Thank you for such a nice blog. The positive effects of fear are very introspective. Having faith in God is the ultimate remedy to fear. Guru Bhagwan ji ke anant shukrane hai..

  7. Ritu bajaj

    Thanks to Guru bhagwan ji.Guru bhagwan said Leave things in the hands of God.Surrunder to the will of God.In overcome fear you will emerge stronger. Guru bhagwan says you are never alone.God us always with you.You just have to remember him all the time and continue with your duties without fear.In short Our Guru bhagwan & Kanha always with us.Thank you so much.

  8. Bhawna chitkara

    I know only one thing Believe in HIM makes us guru bhagwanji mention in above article..when we surrender ourselves totally to HIM we become fearless nd more bhagwanji ‘s guidance is very helpful to make us fearless.our mentor r trying very hard . Anant anant shukarne ji ?????

  9. Madhu

    अभी कल ही भाव आया था कि भयमुक्त बनाने पर कोई आर्टिकल नहीं आया गुरु की तरफ से जबकि आज के समय में सर्वाधिक सर्व व्याप्त तो भय ही है ।
    भय के कारण व निवारण पर विस्तृत जानकारी उपलब्ध कराने के लिए अनंत शुकराने है गुरु भगवान एवं गुरु माँ के
    आपकी छत्रछाया में हम पूर्णतः भयमुक्त हो रहे हैं ?

  10. Anju Rana

    Thanks to my mentor for the most needed
    and appropriate article about fear. Very well said about how to overcome fear.
    Your guidance is always needed.
    Shukrane Bhagwan ji.

  11. Vibhu Gupta

    Very Very Useful Article. Many ways to overcome fear. Guru ji ke anant anant shukrane hain for sharing this Article with us .

  12. Sarita Mittal

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  13. Sonia

    मनोबल बढ़ाने वाला और भय रहित करने वाला बहुत ही सुंदर लेख।
    गुरु भगवान जी के प्रेम के अनंत शुक्राने है।
    करोड़ों नमन है ??

  14. Stuti kapoor

    Apke anant anant shukrane hain GuruBhagwanji for sharing this needed article. Hr pal hme guide krne ke liye hmari sambhal krne ke liye apke anant anant shukrane hain. Ap hi hme fearless bnaa rahen hain. Hum apke hain ap hmare hain.

  15. Neena Gupta

    A guiding ,helpful article in these times when fear has taken each and every mind.
    With all the negativities around Gurubhagwanji you have explained us the power of prayer and surrender and Love unto God.
    You have explained how fear grips our mind ,body and dosenot allow us to even think properly and wisely.
    Thankyou a lot for helping us understand the nature and cure for fear.
    You alone can help us come out of it.

  16. surinder kumar bajaj

    Satguru Bhagwan ji aap ji ke shree charno mai hridya se dandwat naman hai.A useful article for us.aap hi hamey har pal alert kar rahe hai.aap ji ke anant shukrane hai??

  17. Geeta

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  18. Anu

    A very powerful.article .
    Now a days ,there is need of this article.
    Thanks to our mentor

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