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Dental Cavity / Tooth Decay is a common dental ailment that may occur at any age. When the Plaque (A sticky substance made up of Bacteria and bits of food debris) on the teeth combines with Starch of the food that we eat, it produces Acid. This acid damages the tooth enamel & Cavity is formed. If untreated, it progressively reaches the deeper sections of the tooth, where the pulp & the nerves are affected. This leads to a sensitive tooth, inflammation & swelling of gums and finally tooth loss.



  1. BRUSH

It is essential to brush your teeth properly at least twice daily. Night brushing is very important.

See the diagram below to know the direction of the brush strokes.

  • Avoid very hard and vigorous brushing.
  • Hold a soft brush at the gum line at a 45ᵒ angle. Brush in a circular motion to massage the gums and an up-down motion to dislodge plaque. Do this gently on the outer as well as inner surfaces of teeth.
  1. FLOSS

Food debris gets stuck in between your teeth. If the debris is not removed, it can lead to cavities. Flossing is the best way to remove debris between the teeth and prevent cavities.

Avoid ‘picking’ or ‘scratching’ at gum line or using toothpicks inappropriately. Avoid Nail biting too.

  1. RINSE

Rinse your mouth with water thoroughly after each meal especially sticky food. Mouthwashes are recommended once a day. Use mouthwashes which contain potassium salts and fluorides.


Proper nutrition plays an important role in good dental heath. Periodic snacking on aerated drinks, jam, candies and even potato chips can lead to the formation of acidic by-products which damage the surface of the tooth enamel. This is the reason why most young children suffer from tooth decay. Incorporation of more fibrous food such as raw carrot, radish, cucumber, chapatis in the diet reduces the formation of plaque and prevents cavities. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. One can eat chocolate before eating food. Avoid sticky chocolate items.


Dentists recommend using a toothbrush with soft to medium bristles and a small head. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Once the brush loses its shape, you require more pressure for the same cleaning action. This extra pressure is damaging to gums as well as enamel.


It removes the plaque on your tongue thus leading to fresh breath.


Massaging of gum is recommended. For this gum paints are available in the market. As a Home remedy one can use the paste of black salt (kala namak) or rock salt (sendha namak), DO NOT USE TABLE SALT, mixed with few drops of mustard oil. Gently massage this paste on your gums using your finger. Then rinse your mouth with warm water.


Make sure to visit your dentist for regular check ups every 6-8 months. Do not ignore frequent tooth pain. Many cavities can only be detected by a dentist clinically or with the help of dental X-rays. Regular check ups and cleaning are key factors in preventing cavities and staying on the top of good oral hygiene.


Chewing of fibrous food such as raw vegetables, fruits can actually help to prevent cavities by increasing the flow of saliva in your mouth.


A serious form of tooth decay affects nursing infants and is called ‘Nursing Caries’ or ‘Baby Bottle Tooth Decay’. In infants who are nursed continuously with bottle/formula milk/pacifiers; the milk is retained in the mouth as the child falls asleep with the bottle. Milk is an excellent nutritive media for a variety of germs present in the mouth. The milk is broken down by the germs to form acids which lead to formation of cavity on the tooth. Therefore, children and adults should rinse their mouth with warm water after the intake of milk.

REMEDIES FOR TOOTH ACHE (As told by Dental Experts)

Here are a few remedies for toothache.

HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES are very useful for toothache. Few are given below:-

  • PLANTAGO MOTHER TINCTURE is to be used as Local Application.
  • CHAMOMILLA, STAPHYSAGRIA, MERC SOL, COFFEA, THUJA, KREOSOTE (These medicines are to be taken under the guidance of a homoeopathic physician for the right potency and dosage).
  • A very useful NATURAL REMEDY for toothache is Clove. Roast the clove and keep it over the painful tooth. Or carefully apply 1-2 drops of clove oil directly over the affected tooth.

NOTE: In case of frequent attacks of pain in the tooth, visit your dentist to avoid any dental complications.

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