Our Mentor, who is our well wisher and our spiritual friend says-

We create our own reality by the power of our thoughts. Our current thinking shapes our future. We can create a life of negativity and pain OR we can create love, peace, unlimited joy in our life and move towards true aim of our life i.e. Bhagwat Bhakti by our own thinking. If we want to experience joy, bliss, good health and all the great things that the Universe has for us, the best way to get started is to “Change our thoughts”.

We have to give positive affirmation to ourself – “I am willing to change”. We have to keep repeating it several times daily. Initially, our mind will resist, because mind does not accept change, but by continuous practice, it will get trained and we’ll start experiencing the change.

The harvests we reap depend on the seeds we plant. Here, our thoughts are the seeds. By changing our thoughts, we can change our life. Whenever negativity enters our mind, we have to remember “It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed”.

We have to say to our mind- “Thanks for sharing. But I choose to do something different”

We can’t afford to have negative feelings because they rob us of everything worthwhile. They make us old, sick and wrinkled very fast. We have to be ready to make positive changes in our life. We have to say to ourself – “I completely detach myself from my old way of thinking”.

Feelings like… my life would have been better if – I had better house, I had a better job, or I had better parents etc. not just make us sad but also bring more situations to us to complain about. To overcome such feelings we need to follow these points in life –


Our Mentor says- ‘The point of power is in the present moment’. Past has no power over us. We have to say to ourself –

  • “I am ready to release the past”
  • “I do not blame anyone for whatever happened in my past”.
  • “I have a greater purpose in my life”.


We need to look around for things we are grateful for. We have to shift our focus from what we don’t have to what we have and feel good about it. Focusing on complains and problems can only return to us more of what we don’t want. We have to learn to be grateful for all the blessings.


We have to learn to focus on what we have, not on what we don’t have.

Our Spiritual friend reveals the reality and tells us that our mind is very powerful. In one second approximately 20 thoughts come in our mind. Every time a thought comes to our mind it creates a painting of our future life. So, to change our life we need to change our thoughts. It’s a very important principle- “CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”

Every day we have to devote few minutes to speak out following affirmations clearly with sincere feelings. Our thoughts and feelings together make our vibrations. These vibrations are so powerful that they can transform our life as well as life of everyone around us who are connected with us.


  1. I am God’s Loving child.
  2. I trust in the process of life.
  3. My life is full of love, peace and joy.
  4. Success comes effortlessly to me from all directions.
  5. I am attracting powerfully positive and healthy people to my life.
  6. Everything is getting better day by day.
  7. I always receive more than I need.
  8. I give out love and it returns to me multiplied.
  9. Why fear, when God is near.
  10. I am grateful for everything in my life.

By grace of our Spiritual Master  negativity seeps out of our life and positivity flows in our life. Being optimistic helps us filter out the unhelpful and rotten thoughts, and give us the chance to explore the path towards realizing our true aim of life. Once our thinking pattern changes, we are reborn spiritually.

A million thanks to our Divine Mentor for selfless love, untiring efforts , divine grace and precious guidance.

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  1. Anu

    Million thanks to our men tor who shaped our life,and make us free from our old thought pattern

    Very informative article,and written every step very clearly.

    Guru bhgwan ji ke shukrane.

  2. Sangeeta jindal

    Thanx to our mentor for such an effective article.

  3. Sangeeta jindal

    अनंत अनंत शुक्राने,गुरु भगवानजी एवं गुरु माजी आपके,आप ही हमारे विचारों को शुद्ध। कर रहे हैं, हमारा जीवन बदल रहे हैं।
    Very effective article.shukrane prabhu ji

  4. Soni Gupta

    अनंत…. अनंत शुकराने गुरु भगवान जी। भगवान जी आपने ही हमें बताया कि हमारे विचारों का हमारे जीवन पर कितना प्रभाव पड़ता है। गुरु भगवान जी आपकी अनंत कृपा है जो आप हमारे विचारों को ठीक करते हैं।

  5. Kirti

    गुरु भगवान जी और प्यारी गुरु माँ जी के अनंत अनंत shukrane hain 🙏📿🙏📿

  6. Kirti

    Shukrane bhagwan jee 🙏📿📿
    Aapne btaya ki apni soch se hi ham jeevan ko kharab kar lete hain ,ya khoobsurat bna lete hain 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇
    Bhagwan jee aapke Milne ke bad hi ye jeevan badal raha hai ☺️
    Bhagwan jee aap ka sanidhya aur guidance antim pal Tak milta rahe , aapse yahi prarthana hai 🙇🙇🙇

  7. Bharti

    A million thanks Guru Bhagwanji for guiding us and helping us to rise in life by improving quality of our thoughts. Very helpful write-up. Anant shukrane Bhagwanji.

  8. Anju+Rana

    Thanks a ton to my mentor for sharing such an important article for our mental health and overall improvement.
    The untiring efforts you make are very precious for all of us .
    Shukrane Bhagwan ji .

  9. Chandra Daryani

    गुरु भगवान जी और गुरु माँ के अनन्त अनन्त अनन्त अनन्त शुकराने है राधे राधे भगवान जी

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