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Sleep like a baby

Are you tired of your sleepless nights….

Are you really willing to get rid of taking sleeping pills…..

Are you truly wanting to experience deep sleep…

Are you really interested in stop waking up several times at night….

Are you truly interested in getting rid of night dream experiences….

Are you really willing to experience getting up early morning in victory hour that is Brahm mahurat with joy, energy and enthusiasm..…

Then please get started by this knowledge session-

Our Mentor says – To bring a particular habit in our life, right knowledge is essential . There is a common saying – “Knowledge is power.”

We all have heard the saying –

” Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. “

In order to sleep well most important thing is going to bed early. Those who interested in waking up early in the morning throughout their life have to learn to go to bed early. Spiritual seekers (Sadhaks) are early risers. They get up early to access the power of satva in the victory hour, also called ‘Brahma Mahurat‘ for their spiritual pursuit (Sadhna). Even the worlds most successful people are early risers. For eg.- Our PM Narendra Modi, P.V Sindhu, Akshay Kumar, Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukon.

To sleep well, let us try to understand the 3 basic concepts of sleep….

Ques. What is sleep?

Ans. Dictionary meaning of sleep is – “The natural condition of rest when our eyes are closed and our mind and body are not active or conscious.”

Ques. What is the meaning of sleep like a baby?

Ans. Sleep like a baby means to sleep deeply and well.

When a baby sleeps in his / her mother’s arms and mother keeps doing the work with another hand, the sleep of the baby is still undisturbed. When mother shifts the baby from her arms to the sofa or couch the sleep of the baby is still uninterrupted and deep.

Yes! This is the way we all used to sleep as a baby.

Now, Let us try to understand the second part ” WHY? “

Ques. Why we need to learn to sleep like a baby?

Ans. Quality of our sleep influences the quality of our day, which in turn influences the quality of our life and quality of our spiritual practice (Sadhna) or the task that we are doing to rise in life.

Now, a very interesting question arises-

Ques. How do we get energy to do all the work we do?

Ans. If we think its food…. then we are making a mistake. Food doesn’t give energy to our body, instead it needs energy to get digested in our body. Food gives us nutrition. We get energy from our “SLEEP”.

Let us understand this with two examples –

Example 1.

Rishi was given an opportunity by his father to count and take gold coins as much he can count in one go. He can eat, drink with one hand and keep counting with another hand. The only thing he cannot do was….’Sleep’. He was not permitted to sleep. In the beginning Rishi was happy in counting the gold coins. But, slowly as hours started rolling he started feeling tired. He was eating food, drinking water & other fluids while counting the gold coins, but due to lack of sleep he started feeling from within that all his energy was drained off. Finally, a stage came when he dropped down everything and went to sleep on the floor itself, without any mattress and pillow. Sleep is so important for us.

Example 2.

In a prison, the most non-violent severe punishment given to anyone is not allowing the prisoner to sleep.

These two examples clearly show that sleep is very important for us and sleep energizes because during sleep we automatically get connected to GOD.

Let us try to recall our own life experience. The day we were not able to sleep or we kept waking up several times at night… the next morning how we  felt?

Lazy, Tired, ill, Unhappy, Irritated.…

Now, if we recall a day when we were able to sleep well, our sleep was deep… the morning how do we feel…

Energetic, Enthusiastic, Healthy, Joyful….

Yes! Our own experience proves that sleep is so important for us.

The formula is- SLEEP=CHARGING.

Now, let us discuss the third basic concept-

Ques. How can we sleep like a baby?

Ans. After receiving the right knowledge it is very important to have the willingness to SLEEP LIKE A BABY . In other words to experience “DEEP SLEEP” every night we have to prepare our Body and mind for this beautiful experience. Along with willingness we need to implement the knowledge that we have received from our Mentor in our life. Some of us must have seen our parents and other elders practising these basics naturally and experiencing the magic of deep sleep in their life.

There is a common saying – “ Knowledge is Power”. But our Mentor has improved this statement as-


Here are some tips that will surely help us to experience deep sleep like a baby when implemented daily-

HAVE A HEALTHY NIGHT RITUAL: Deep sleep is also called as “Prakartik Samadhi”. To get full benefit of this deep natural meditative state for 6 to 8 hours on bed everyday we need to prepare our body and mind well in the evening.

PRE-PREP of deep sleep includes following healthy habits in the evening till we go to bed. Here are few things that can be included in our healthy night rituals-

1. Having early light dinner prasad. Having Dinner prasad between 7.00 to 8.00 pm is quite good.

2. Before Dinner prasad, evening workout for 15 to 20 minutes is good. It can be in form of –

  • Walking
  • Backward walking
  • Yoga
  • Pranayam
  • Dance on kirtan/Bhajan
  • Sports
  • Cycling
  • Or any other workout of our choice

3. Drop down digital devices an hour before going to bed. Using digital devices like Mobile, Laptop, Television, I-pad etc. are high stimulation activity. The blue light emitted from these devices agitate our mind which creates hindrance in secretion of sleep hormone “MELATONIN” which disturbs our deep sleep experience.

4. During this one hour we can do low stimulation activities. Low stimulation activities includes-

  • Listening Guru Vani.
  • Meditation.
  • Chanting i.e. Naam jap.
  • Reading Holy book or self help book.
  • Deep breathing.
  • Family time.
  • Relaxed walking.
  • Slow backward walking for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Playing Music.
  • Singing Bhajan/Sankeertan.
  • Playing any board game.
  • Coloring.
  • Candle meditation.
  • Yog nidra.
  • Dip feet in normal water or lukewarm water for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Combing our hair.
  • Foot massage with some oil with our hands.
  • Create a To-Do list for next Day.
  • Gratitude prayer.
  • Sending blessings to the universe with positive affirmations.

To sleep deeply most important thing isSurrender unto God”.

Our Mentor says- Always have a purpose Infront of you that excites you to get a deep sleep in order to get energized and to get up early the next morning.

To Sleep like a baby we have to recall our childhood when we used to do the things mentioned below. Once again we have to-

  1. Smile like a baby.
  2. Dance like a baby.
  3. Love like a baby.
  4. Breathe like a baby.
  5. Be playful like a baby.
  6. Trust like a baby.
  7. Learn like a baby.
  8. Be joyful like a baby.
  9. Be innocent like a baby.
  10. Be in present moment like a baby.
  11. Surrender like a baby.
  12. Be active like a baby.
  13. Be non judgmental like a baby.
  14. Be alert like a baby.
  15. Be humble like a baby.


  • God is always taking care of me during my sleep.
  • I trust that everything is always working out perfectly for me.
  • I trust that God is supporting me in ways I can’t even see.
  • Every new morning is a miracle for me as I wake up.
  • My heart is open to receive blessings more beautiful than I can imagine.
  • Even as I sleep, I am awakening to my true power.
  • I surrender, let go, and trust that tomorrow will be more beautiful than I can imagine.
  • My heart is grateful and my mind is peaceful.
  • I surrender to God completely.
  • Dear God, I am your loving child. I am sleeping in your lap peacefully.

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  6. Radha rani

    Knowledge when complimented is power
    बहुत deeply sleep के बारे में बताया है भगवान जी
    कितनी बारीकी से हर बात बताते हैं आप।बहुत informative है ये ब्लॉग
    Sleep like a baby
    आपके दिव्य प्रेम व ज्ञान से ही उस बचपन मे जा सकते हैं
    ऐसा लग रहा है कि आपने अपना लाइफ experience इन लाईनों में डाल दिया है।
    स्लीप स्वीट स्लीप
    भगवान जी की गोद मे सो जाओ
    अनंत अनंत शुक्राने व नमन 🙏🏻🙏🙏🙏

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