A Talisman for Your Board Exams

A Talisman for Your Board Exams

Here is a message and some guidelines from our Mentor to all the aspiring students.

Hello Dear Students, 

This year has been a tough year for all of us. Due to the world wide pandemic, students have been studying by themselves and taking online classes. Students should learn to handle the stress and pressure of the upcoming boards exams. Here are a few important points to follow.

1. Put God First

Putting God first to everything we do, makes us surrender unto Him and clears the anxiety and stress of doing things. Practicing a 2-minute meditation clears out the clutter in the mind and gives it a fresh boost,  enabling it to write new words on a clean slate and save it easily in the storehouse of memory.

2. ‘Do your best and leave the rest to God’

It is evident that worrying about the results won’t yield anything except for anxiety. Thus, surrender unto God. Putting in our best efforts, along with faith in ourselves is the only thing we need to have in our to-do list of excelling exams.

There is greatness and capacity in all of us. But we doubt on own capacity.

Once Lord Hanuman, unaware of his powers started doubting on himself until Jambavan reminded him of his powers.

Similarly, our mentor constantly reminds us of the power within, and make us believe in what we aspire to achieve.

3. ‘Confidence and hard work go hand-in-hand’

If we want to reach the Everest and we are ever at rest, then we’ll certainly not make it! But if we are well-prepared then we need not face fear and anxiety.

Confidence shines when we:

  • Are well prepared;
  • Have faith in ourselves and God;
  • Have the blessings of Mentor, teachers and parents;
  • Have faith in the goodness and the justice of God.

4. ‘Comparison can make us miserable’

Our Mentor tell us that every one of us is unique and special. Learning from others is one thing, but comparing ourselves with others is a different story. Learning from others will take us forward, whereas comparison pulls us down.

Our Mentor guides us to move on the path of positivity.  So, next time, when we see anyone scoring higher than us, let us question ourselves – “How can I improve ?”

A successful person always analyses his performance and puts ahead a question, “What can be done to get one step ahead of what I am today ?” Guru says that this attitude will lead us towards success.

Healthy Comparison:

  • Going through the answer sheet of the student performing better, not to find out their mistakes, but to learn – What should I do to score better?
  • Learning their way of presenting the answers.

Comparison should be done to beat your targets.


5. Understand What You Study-

One very practical habit that every student can incorporate in their study pattern is to understand between the lines and avoid the cramming part. Understanding between the lines denotes to know what the text is talking about. Blindly memorizing the text makes us nervous and less confident. Understanding clears the concepts and the brain memorizes the process of understanding and learns the concept by itself. This makes the foundation of our education stronger.

6. Picture What You Study-

A simple, smart yet very effective way to remember something is to visualize it or create graphical caricatures in the mind. By doing this, the brain doesn’t have to jog itself while writing the answers.

7. Mindfulness –

Practicing mindfulness has been proved to be very effective in efficient learning. Mindfulness during studying goes by reading the content in your book, focusing on each word in detail and making a connection in the mind as you go through it. While reading, keep questioning yourself about the topic and try to answer by yourself. Once you have read a particular page, develop a habit of making points of what you have learnt from the same. This technique of studying is proved to increase your concentration and memory.

8. Dream BIG, Don’t keep your goal small-

As Mentor says, “Dream, dream and dream. Always dream big and always picture success. But remember –

Dream + hard work = Success
Dream – hard work = Building castles in air like Sheikh Chilly

 9. Be consistent- Consistency in work towards our goal says it all in the end.

A giraffe in a jungle was once trapped by four lions altogether. Giraffe knew that if he would give up moving, he would be eaten up by the hungry lions around. It took him a lot of effort to have a consistent walk with all these lions hung upon him; one at the front leg, two besides and other at the back. But he kept walking and gradually the hungry lions lost their prey. It was consistency in the effort  which helped the giraffe save his life.


If exams are making you sick, worried or depressed, don’t hide your feelings. Talk to someone about it. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

  • Seek help – Talk to your mentor and also to your respective teacher/tutor asking how to revise and brush up on examination skills.
  • Take small breaks during your time of work and revision. If your mind is tired, it will neither remember  facts nor information.
  • Plan your work – Have a proper revision plan, giving priority to subjects you find yourself struggling with.  Revise at times when you know you will work at your best.
  • Exercise – If you want to work well then walk, run and play the game which you enjoy. This helps in opening up the nerves of the brain to function even better than before.
  • Stay healthy – Get enough sleep and eat sensibly.
    All students should keep these items on their study table, so that they do not get disturbed by getting up again and again from their table.
    The items are:-
    1. Water bottle
    2. चना मुरमुरा
    3. Banana {gives instant energy without putting on weight}
    4. Apple
  • Be alert – If you feel unwell, talk to someone about your distress.
  • Don’t be too relaxed – Some amount of stress for exams is good, since it makes you work harder.
  • Act smart – Don’t talk much to your friends the day before the exam or after it is over. This might upset you. In fact, don’t ever think about the exam you have already given. What is done is done, you cannot change what you have written.
  • Before going to sleep – If you are studying at night, don’t go to bed straight away because your mind is active and insists on going over things learnt. Do something like a walk or exercise. Choose something that will relax you and make you think of other things. This helps you relax and go to sleep in a better frame of mind.


Final year student at Maulana Azad Medical College says– “The stress and pressure of studies which the board students undergo is nothing in comparison to what we experience as medical students. In fact, considering the amount of tension I feel now, I understand that the stress that I took for my board examinations was totally unnecessary. A student’s potential increases three to four times if one is mentally relaxed.”

Student of Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC) says- “It’s essential to be consistent in one’s preparation. Do not waste a single day. Emphasis should be on construction studies rather than on the number of hours you spend”. Do not save much for later or a single day. Be regular in your studies.

According to fourth year student at AIIMS. “Keep ample time for revision to save you from last minute hurries”.

  • Do not consult too many books especially at final stages, as it’ll merely add on the confusion.
  • Taking breaks at regular intervals will keep your concentration level high as well as help you relax both mentally and physically. 
  • Going out for a walk, speaking to friends, family, watching T.V., exercising and meditating are some of the relaxation techniques suggested.
  • At least six hours of sleep in a day is necessary. Do not compromise on it. As sleeping is one of the best de-stressor for both mind and body.


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  7. sudesh

    A detailed advice covering even the minute points . It takes me back to my school and College days.
    I wish I had these guidelines at that time
    A handy guide for students .
    Guru Bhagwan ji ke Anant shukrane hain

  8. sudesh

    A detailed advice covering even the minute points .
    A handy guide for students .
    Guru Bhagwan ji ke Anant shukrane hain

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