A Magical Habit- Gratitude

A Magical Habit- Gratitude


Gratitude is simply taking time to think about all the positive things in our life. It is the most powerful habit to increase happiness in our life.

Dada Bhagwan has said – After every hour devote 2-minutes to express “GRATITUDE”.

The year 2020 has been a tough year for the whole world. Our Spiritual Master asks us to express gratitude to God as much as possible in the coming new year 2021. Gratitude improves our health, relationships, emotions, personality, and career. Above all, it connects us to the SUPREME CONCIOUSNESS- GOD. Having an attitude of gratitude doesn’t cost any money, it doesn’t take much time but the benefits of gratitude are enormous.


1. Gratitude Makes Us Happier

When we practice this 2-minutes THANKS GIVING magical habit regularly we become happier.

How can this 2-minutes THANKS GIVING habit have such a large impact?

Gratitude makes us feel more grateful. It makes positivity loop that increases continuously with time. The emotions of gratitude felt during those 2-minutes are enough to trigger a grateful mood. While in a grateful mood, we will feel gratitude more frequently.

2. Gratitude Makes Us Healthier-

Believe it or not, gratitude can positively affect our health in many ways. The researches show gratitude can decrease pain, reduce bad health symptoms, increase time spent in exercising, increase sleep quality, regulate blood pressure, increase energy and much more.

3. Gratitude Makes Us More Optimistic-

Gratitude is strongly correlated with optimism. Optimism, in turn, makes us happier, improves our health, and has been shown to increase lifespan by a few years.

How does gratitude increase optimism?

The act of gratitude is the act of focusing on the good in life. If we perceive our current life to have more good, we will also believe in our future life to have greater potential for good. Optimism is correlated with gratitude because those with an optimistic attitude are biologically more likely to focus on the good (i.e. gratitude) than on the bad (i.e. personal disappointment, loneliness, anxiety, etc.)

4. Gratitude Reduces Materialism In Our Life-

Materialism is strongly correlated with reduced well-being and increased rates of mental disorder. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. The problem with materialism is that it makes people feel less competent, reduces feelings of positivity and gratitude, reduces their ability to appreciate and enjoy the good in life, it generates negative emotions, and makes them more self-centered.

5. Gratitude Increases Spiritualism-

The more spiritual we are, the more likely we are to be grateful. There are two reasons for this :-

  • Nearly all major religions consider gratitude as a virtue.
  • Spirituality spontaneously gives rise to grateful behaviour. The opposite is also true. Gratitude spontaneously gives rise to spiritual bent of mind, making one feel closer to God.

6. Gratitude Makes Us Large Hearted-

This is because the very nature of gratitude is to have the feeling of selfless service for humanity and feeling of closeness to God.

7. Gratitude Makes People Like Us-

Gratitude makes us nicer, more trusting, more social and more appreciative. As a result, we make more friends and deepen our existing relationships.

8. Gratitude Improves Our Sleep-

Gratitude increases sleep quality, reduces the time required to fall asleep, and increases sleep duration. The point is :- What is in our mind when we are trying to fall asleep. If there are worries regarding the kids or anxiety about work, the level of stress in our body will increase, reducing sleep quality, keeping us awake and cutting down our sleep. If we think about a few grateful things we received today; it will induce the relaxation response and make us happy and peaceful. Yes – Gratitude is a safe and free sleep aid.

9. Gratitude Keeps Us Away From The Doctor-

Gratitude strengthens our body’s physiological functioning. Positive emotions improve health. Gratitude is a positive emotion. In fact, some recent researches show that those who engage in gratitude practices have been shown to feel less pain, go to the doctor less often, have regulated blood pressure and are less likely to develop a mental disorder. Gratitude encourages pro-active attitude towards health like exercising and paying attention to health risks.

10. Gratitude Lets Us Live Longer-

Gratitude can extend lifespan. Studies have shown that optimistic people lived a few years longer than pessimistic people.

11. Gratitude Increases Our Energy Levels-

Gratitude and vitality are strongly correlated .When we are grateful for little things in our life, we feel more energetic.

12. Gratitude Helps Us Bounce Back-

We all feel low at times. Depression. Anxiety. Loneliness. It happens to all of us. Gratitude is not going to make you magically “immune” to these negative feelings. They are a part of life’s experiences. However, people who express gratitude are more resilient. Meaning they “bounce back” faster. These negative emotional swings simply do not last for long in their life.

13. Gratitude Makes Our Memories Happier-

Our memories are not set in stone, like data stored on a hard-drive. There are dozens of ways our memories get changed over time – we remember things as being worse than they actually were, as being longer or shorter, people as being kinder or crueler, as being more or less interesting, and so on. Experiencing gratitude in the present makes us more likely to remember positive memories in a positive light. It can actually transform some of our neutral or even negative memories into positive ones.

14. Gratitude Reduces Feeling Of Envy-

A little bit of jealousy or envy in the right direction is motivating. It can encourage us to work harder and try to achieve the things that we envy in others. Too much of envy produces feelings of insecurity, materialism, inferiority, distrust and unhappiness.

Master says, “Stop comparing with others and start feeling thankful for all that God has given us”.

15. Gratitude Helps Us Relax-

Gratitude and positive emotion, in general, are among the strongest relaxants known to man.

16. Gratitude Strengthens Our Positive Emotions-

Gratitude reduces feelings of envy, makes our memories happier, lets us experience good feelings, and helps us bounce back from stress.

17. Gratitude Boosts Our Career-

Gratitude makes us a more effective manager, increases our decision-making capabilities, increases our productivity. As a result, gratitude helps us achieve our career goals, as well as makes our workplace a more friendly and enjoyable place to be.

18. Gratitude Increases Our Goal Achievement-

In one study, participants were asked to write down those goals which they wished to accomplish over the next two months. Those who were instructed to keep a gratitude journal reported more progress on achieving their goals at the end of the study. Gratitude will not make us lazy and passive. It will surely make us more active and productive.

19. Gratitude Improves Our Decision Making Power-

Decision making is really tiring. Even for the most basic decisions, like- where to go and have dinner, there are dozens of variables to consider : how much time and money do I want to spend, what venue would I like today, am I willing to travel far, what should I get once I get there, and so on…. Those who cultivate an attitude of gratitude find it easier to take decisions, whether big or small.

20. Gratitude Increases Our Productivity-

Those who are insecure have difficulty focusing because many of their mental resources are tied up with their worries. On the other hand, those who are highly confident are able to be more productive, because they can direct more of their focus towards their work. As gratitude has been shown to increase self-esteem and reduce insecurity, this means that it can help us focus and improve our productivity.


Gratitude is a wonderful magical habit to nurture in our life  for improving satisfaction, happiness, health, wealth, prosperity, love, joy, peace, devotion and spirituality in life.

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  1. Harsh

    Heartiest thanks to Divine Satguru Dev Bhagwan Ji, Divine Guru Maa Ji for this b’ful blog.
    “शुकराने” मानने के इतने गहरे प्रभाव आज ही पता चले। आप इतनी मेहनत से सारी जानकारी सहेज कर हमें उपलब्ध कराते हैं। शुकराने मानने से जीवन में इतना परिवर्तन व लाभ बताने के लिए हार्दिक धन्यवाद।
    शुकराने। 🙏

  2. Manu

    Such a beautiful article. Guru Bhagwan Ji ke anant Shukrane hai jo hame itna powerful message itni simplicity se samjhaate hain.

  3. Ritika

    Amazing work…

  4. Sarita Mittal

    गुरु भगवान जी एवं गुरु मां के अनन्त अनन्त शुक्राने है गुरु हमें हर पल अच्छी बातें सिखाते हैं ऐसे गुरु पर बलिहारी जाऊं गुरु ने हमको इतना हल्का और सरल बना दिया कि अब जीवन में आनन्द ही आनन्द लगता है शिकवा और शिकायत से ध्यान ही हटा दिया गुरु भगवान जी ने हम खुशकिहैहहस्मत हैं हमें गुरु भगवान जी मिले , गुरु ने हमको अपना लिया। अनन्त अनन्त शुक्राने है गुरु भगवान जी के ।

  5. Vipul Gera

    We r vry grateful to ve u GuruBhagwan ji in our lives.
    Ek sirf kahna thanks lekin Aapne blessings feel krwai,
    Bright side dekhna feel krna usme rhna sikha rhe hn.
    Millions thanks from the bottom of my heart.
    Aapk chrno me naman

  6. Swati

    Millions of thanks GURU BHAGWANJI AND GURU MAA for making and compiling a wonderful blog for us . Such an eye opening article that being grateful you attract so much positivity in all the aspects of life .
    It’s YOUR DIVINE GRACE , and immense love , divine. Practical example of YOUR life GURU JI which help us inculcate the habit of being grateful.
    He naath hriday barambar vandan hai , naman hai , anant Anant shukrane hai .🙏🌹

  7. Geeta

    मेरे परम पूज्य सद गुरु भगवान जी परम पूज्य सद गुरु माँ जी आप जी के पावन चरण कमलों में साष्टांग नमन है 🙏आप जी की महिमा को ह्रदय से कोटि कोटि नमन शुक्राने शुक्राने शुक्राने शुक्राने शुक्राने शुक्राने शुक्राने 🙏🌺🙏जो हर पल हमें भक्ति की राह बता रहे हैं 🙏🌺🙏जीवन को उत्सव के रंग में रंग दिया है 🙏आप जी की असीम कृपा ही कृपा है आप जी को कभी भूलूँ नहीं राधे राधे मेरे परम प्रिय पूज्य श्री सत गुरु भगवान जी 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Bharti

    A million thanks to Our Divine spiritual master for nurturing this habit of gratitude in our life. My humble prayer in thy Divine lotus feets…May I feel your grace , your blessings always and learn to express gratitude always. Thank you very much for helping us learn this beautiful habit to express gratitude after every hour for 2 minutes.

  9. Ojasvi

    🙌🏻🙌🏻 Some very useful points discussed about gratitude through this post.
    This whole post Made me have a constant smile on face while reading. :))))

    Thankyou so much for sharing these meaningful points. :)))

  10. Shilpa Bansal

    Mare pyare satguru bhagwanji aap ki kripa k har pal shukrane he shukrane hei.. Hay nath har bat ka shukrane kerna aap ne he Shikha ya hei aap ka tahe dill se shukrane ..shukrane.. Shukrane.. Hei.. Radhey Radhey bhagwanji

  11. sudesh

    Very well explained article . Going through the article words of Guru Bhagwan ji reverberate . Attitude of gratitude will definitely make us happier and healthier.
    Humble request to HIM that I can imbibe the contents in words and spirit.
    Guru Bhagwan ji ke Anant shukrane hain

  12. Binny Gupta

    Ni mei Shukra manawa aise Satguru paye…..🌷🌹🙏😊.
    Hamare apne Pyare Satguru Bhagwan Ji aapke jitne shukrane gaye utne he kam h. …Shukrane, Shukrane ,Shukrane Anant Anant Anant koti Shukrane Aapke Guru Bhagwan. Shukrane karna bhi aap he ne sikhaya…. Iske bhi Shukrane Satguru Bhagwan Ji…. 🌷🌹🌺🍁🥀🌸💮🌻🌼🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😃

  13. Sonia

    गुरु भगवान जी आपके प्रेम व कृपा के अनंत अनंत शुक्राने है।
    कृतज्ञता का लेख बहुत ही सुंदर है । आपकी मेहनत को नमन है । आपसे प्रार्थना है ये habit बनी रहे।🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. Anju Rana

    Guru Bhagwan ji k shukrane hain.
    It’s all due to your grace that such a useful and helpful article is available for us. Never knew that there are so many Positvities in being in a state of gratitude.
    Guru Bhagwan ji shall certainly try to imbibe the habit of thanking frequently.
    Many many thanks.

    1. Kanchan kapoor

      शुकराने, शुकराने, शुकराने गुरु भगवान जी व गुरु माँ जी सच में सारे शुकराने आपके, आपके, आपके ही हैं, जो आपने हमें जीवन में पल-पल पर दिल से शुकराना मानना सिखाया और मुख से बुलवाया भी।

      आश्चर्य, आश्चर्य, आश्चर्य शुकराने मानने के इतने ज्यादा Benefits हैं। शुकराने मानने से जीवन इतना Beautiful हो जाता है।

      DIVINE SATGURUDEV BHAGWAN JI आपके शुकराने गाते रहने से जीवन उत्सव हो जाता है, खिल जाता हैं।
      मिलता है सच्चा सुख केवल गुरुदेव आपके चरणों में।

  15. Anu

    Excellently written.
    Wonderfully explained all about miracle of gratitude.
    Heartly love and thankyou so much.to our mentor who provides us such a nice article.

    1. Sajal Kapoor

      Bahut bahut shukrane Guru bhagwan ji…Apki kripa se Gratitude ki importance ka itna sundar or itna impactful article padhne ko mila.
      Hey nath, aisi kripa kijiye ki har situation m apki kripa feel kare, andar m HAI HI BHAGWAN pakka ho jaye or bhagwan ji hum apke shukrane gaate hi rahe.
      Aapki itni mehnat, apki kripa or apke itne prem k anant shukrane h Guru Bhagwan ji🙏

  16. Soni Gupta

    गुरु भगवानजी आपके प्रेम के अनंत-अनंत शुक्राने हैं l भगवानजी बहुत ही अच्छा article है, पढ़कर बहुत अच्छा लगा l शुक्राना मानने से हमारा जीवन कितना सुंदर हो जाता है l गुरु भगवानजी आपने हमें यह magical word दिया है l भगवानजी आप ही हमें शुक्राना मानना सिखाते हैं l गुरु भगवानजी आपकी अनंत कृपा है, आप ही हमारे जीवन को सुंदर बनाते हैं l

  17. Pankaj

    Guru Bhagwan Ji ke anant anant shukrane hai..
    Hey Nath, aap hi yaad dilate h attitude of gratitude me rehna.. Idhar se toh bhool jaate h.
    Hey nath, yehi prathna hai lines har samy yaad rhe..
    Apke anant anant shukrane hai

  18. Sonia Malhotra

    Lots of thanks guru bhagwan ji.
    By the grace of God may we come in the attitude of gratitude 🙏 🙏

    1. Ritika pal

      Thank you so much Bhagwan ji for sharing so many benefits of gratitude (Happiness, good health ,long life and many more)
      We generally say thanks for any thing but it’s only your grace by which we feel gratitude Guru Bhagwan ji
      Aapki Anant kripa ke anant anant shukarane hain

  19. S kumar

    बहुत ही अधिक जानकारी वाला एवम भाव पूर्ण article है, बहुत मेहनत से लिखा गया होगा।
    प्रसंशा के लिए शब्द नहीं हैं।
    हर समय भगवान का धन्यवाद करने से जीवन कितना सुंदर हो जाता है।
    आपकी team का बहुत आभार है।

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