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Brain and Breathing

With God’s grace, we are alive. Something that makes us feel alive is our breath. Also, nature’s self-sustaining, positive energies are received by us through the medium of breath. So, breathing is the most vital component of life but it is strange that our mind is so full of things that we often forget to have a mindful breath.

breathingRecent discoveries by Neurologists have shown that there is a connection between our breathing and cognitive functions, i.e. conscious mental activities (such as thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering). When we are tensed, we often hear people suggesting us to sit and take deep breath.” Slow and deep breathing oxygenates our body and mind which results in proper supply of oxygen to the mind. This calms down our nervous system and also slows down the heart rate which finally reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. So it is rightly said,

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.”


Scientists have discovered through certain surveys that inhaling stimulates our brain. It was found that brain activity fluctuated with breathing. The part of the brain that responds to our breathing is the Limbic system. It was found that when we breathe, specifically through our nose, then these signals are received directly by our brain.

The Limbic system is a part of the brain that is associated mainly with emotions, memories and stimulations. The smell or fragrance that we feel through our nose has a close link with this system of the brain.

Also, Guru Bhagwan tells us that the rate of breathing directly controls the frequency of our thoughts; i.e. number of thoughts per second gets controlled. That is why, when we are stressed, we are asked to breathe deeply. If the breathing process will be slow, the number of thoughts will be lesser.

Two important parts of the Limbic system in this concern include Amygdala and Hippocampus.


Associated functions of Amygdala are-

  • Emotion processing
  • Fear processing
  • Learning
  • Fight or flight response
  • Reward processing

Amygdala is divided into two sections; left amygdala and right amygdala. Right amygdala is concerned with negative emotions, especially fear, anxiety and sadness while left amygdala is concerned with pleasant emotions like love, joy and happiness. Both parts of the amygdala have independent memory systems but work together and are extensively fed by the nasal breathing.


This part of the brain is responsible for making new memories. Also, it makes short term memory concrete for long term. It is found that people who practice deep breathing have a better and a strong memory, as their Hippocampus is relatively better activated.

Some major factors showing connection between brain and breathing

1.  It is commonly observed that a particular type of smell reminds us of a happy event that happened once upon a time and to another person the same smell might be irritating. There are different reactions to the same smell. This is because everyone has different emotions and memories connected with the smell. This explains that smell; basically the inhaled air affected some part of the brain and encoded some imprints. This encoding is done on Amygdala.

Guru Bhagwan says, the highest positivity is God’s divine name. To welcome that positivity, it is great to start with trying to chant God’s name while consciously breathing. This is a sort of breath meditation which connects us with God and simultaneously purifies our mind.

2.  Breath and brain work in circular manner. The air enters when we inhale; it takes a turn and comes out when we exhale. 


The point where the incoming breath becomes outgoing breath, there is a point of vacuum or silence. It has been found that, at this point of vacuum, there is no thought in mind. In Spiritual context, we say that holding on to this vacuum is Meditation. Thus our breathing controls our brain activities to a great extent.

3.  It is rightly said that A battle against anything is a battle against your alignment.” When we are depressed or angry, we find that our breathing rate increases and as soon as we calm down, the breathing rate also slows down. This shows that the activities of brain are directly influenced by our breathing and vice versa.

Guru Bhagwan says, when you inhale, feel as if you are inhaling positivity, happiness, prosperity, and whatever good you wish to have. Also, while exhaling, feel that you are releasing all negativity, anger, jealousy and all other negative traits. This creates similar impulses in the brain. As we are 98% mental and only 2% physical, so altering the mental conditioning through the process of breathing will affect our physical health.


deep-breathe.fw1. Guru Bhagwan says, when we breathe deeply, our mind becomes thoughtless and is not thinking this or that. So, to relax your mind, it is an instant remedy to sit and start doing deep breathing. This will activate the brain cells and we shall start feeling fresh.

2. When you feel stressed, it is just a few minutes breath exercise that will help you relax. Guru Bhagwan says, take deep breath, hold it for few seconds and then release it slowly. Just 10 rounds of this short exercise will calm down your mind.

3. When you feel sleepless, lie down comfortably on the bed, fold your knees and bloat your stomach with air, then slowly exhale the air. Remember exhalation should be done very slowly. Exhalation time should be double than the inhalation time.


Lost in sensory pleasures, we often tend to forget sitting with our own selves; sitting with ourselves refer to certain things that point towards the inner development. 

The most basic and the major step to start with is to have deep breathing with a positive imagination. This positive imagination and proper breathing will lead our life towards a higher conscience.

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  1. Bhawna chitkara

    Very gud information about brain nd breathing connection….guru bhagwanji r trying to develop our inner strength bhagwanji is doing very hard work to tell us how our thoughts effect our body.very big thanks to our guru bhagwanji or guru ma ji ?

  2. Anu

    Guru bhagwanji ke shukrane hain.
    Breathing process samjhane ke liye aapke anant shukrane bhagwanji

  3. Payal kapoor

    सतगुरू भगवान जी के प्रेम कृपा करूणा के अनन्त शुकराने है भगवान जी आपकी कृपा से ही लम्बी गहरी श्वासं लेने का अभ्यास आप करा रहे है आपकी इतनी अच्छी जानकारी के लिये बहुत बहुत अनन्त अनन्त कोटि धन्यवाद शुकराने भगवान जी

  4. Renu Arun

    Very beautiful experience of doing the activity regarding Brain and Breathing . A concept of spirituality lightens up the day . This activity is especially good for your health . I would like to honour you very much for telling us that deep breathing with positive affirmation is helpful for health and sleep benefits .

  5. Radha rani

    गुरु भगवान जी को नमन है।brain n breathing का भेजा हुआ ब्लॉग एक नई जागृति लाता है। brain n breathing का इतना अच्छा co ordination है, ये इस ब्लॉग से ही मालूम हुआ। mindful deep breathing with positivity connects us with God. ये information बहुत ही useful है।इसके बारे में बताने का आपका निरंतर प्रयास रहा है। आपकी तो कृपा ही कृपा है,अभ्यास में अपने ही कमी होती है।आपकी कृपा से अब अभ्यास शुरू किया है, बहुत अच्छा feel हो रहा है।

    आपके अनंत अनंत शुक्रराने हैं।

  6. Hemna Hirani

    Very informative.

  7. Rakhee kandhari

    Guru bhagwanji ko hirday se naman hai. Very informative and well explained article. Deep breathing technique induces calmness in our body and mind helping in bringing more stability physically, mentally and emotionally.

  8. Rashi

    Guru bhagwanji ke Anant shukarane hai.naam jap kertyhue gehri sanse ko Lena or nativity ko baher Kerry hue saanse ko chorna .Jo humy apny Saath bethna sikhty hai guru bhagwanji ke Anant Anant shukarane hai.

  9. Manish namdeo

    Bahut informative hai and bahut jaruri hai. Guru bhagwan ji ke anant shukrane hai.

  10. Neelam Maurya

    Very informative , well formed and simple to understand article. There are so many things that we read during school time but had forgotten. Thank you Guru bhagwan ji for reminding us about the treasures that we hold inside us which will help us to lead a healthy and peaceful life. You keep us motivated to read, learn and apply new things in our life and to accept change. Shukrane.

  11. Rajinder

    धीमी और गहरी श्वास हमारे शरीर और मस्तिष्क को ऑक्सीजन प्रदान करती है ”
    जब आप अपनी सांस लेते हैं, तो कोई भी आपकी शांति नहीं चुरा सकता है।”
    जब हमें तनाव होता है, तो हमें गहरी सांस लेने के लिए कहा जाता है। यदि साँस लेने की प्रक्रिया धीमी होगी, तो विचारों की संख्या कम होगी।
    गुरु भगवान जी
    इतनी सुंदर और महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी के लिए धन्यवाद।

  12. Nupur Srivastava

    Very informative blog.
    Guru Bhagwan ke anant-anant shukrane ?☺️

  13. Madhu Gaur

    An enlightening article , well illustrated with the use of technical terms and diagram . A very fine amalgamation of science and spirituality – God’s name chanting with deep breathing .
    The surprise element is = the point of silence = the vacuum between the incoming and outgoing breath .
    Thanks alot Guru Bhagwan ji , Guru Maa .

  14. Sonia

    Bauhat hi sunder lekh k dwara itni achi Mind v breathing k liye useful jankari dene k liye aapke anant anant shukrane hain bhagwan ji ?

  15. Ritu bajaj

    Very thoughtful article.Thank you for highlighting the deep connection between our brain and the process of breathing. Chanting God’s name while breathing gives us inner peace and makes our mind stable.Guru bhagwan ji ke shukrane hai.

  16. Ritika pal

    Very helpful article Bhagwan ji.
    We donot know many things about breathing which are beautifully explained in the article.
    Thank you very much for telling us
    To welcome positivity, chant God’s name while consciously breathing. This is a sort of breath meditation which connects us with God and simultaneously purifies our mind.
    Million thanks to you Guru Bhagwan ji.

  17. Anju Rana

    A very interesting and beautiful writeup about breathing, brain, chanting, meditation…. How all are inter related. Many many thanks to Guru Bhagwan ji for bringing about this awareness… so as to improve everyone’s health.

  18. Anu arora

    Respected Guruji, Million of thanks for such a wonderful article.

  19. Sonia batra

    Guru bhagwan ji ke shukrane hai bhagwan ji apki kripa se deep breathing to pata tha bt deep bearthing wid positive imagination bahut hi achi information hai guru bhagwan aap hame har pal perfect bana rahe hobhagwan ji itni shakti dena ki apke vachano par chalte rahe
    Guru bhagwan ko koti koti naman hai

  20. Kirti Pahlajani

    Shukrane bhagwan jee?for giving such useful information???

    1. Anju Rana

      Many Many thanks ?for sharing this awareness article. Guru Bhagwan ji it is only your inspiration and motivation which makes us to be aware about our breath and it’s connection with the Supreme.

  21. Sunita Bhatt

    Satguru Bhagwan ji ko hirdey se sat sat naman hai Anant Anant shukarane hai Radhey Radhey bhagwanji ???

    1. Raghav

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  24. Bhawan Matani

    It was mesmerizing and knowledgeable

  25. Ananya

    Very beautiful article, one point that I found very very interesting was that between the incoming breath and the outgoing breath there is a point of silence or vacuum and in that mental space the mind becomes thoughtless.??
    This entire article is very helpful and fascinating

    1. Renu Jairath

      Shukrane Guru Bhagwan ji for this valuable information.

  26. Deepti garg

    Guru bhagwan ji ke shukrane…Guru bhagwan hi hame deep breathing ke fayede batate hai…Deep breathing se hi hamara consentration improve hota hai aur hamara man naam jap me lagta hai. ..Itni useful information ke liye aapke koti koti shukrane

  27. Nidhi Gupta

    Thank you so much for sharing. I didn’t knew about this. It is a very good article to understand how breathing effects our body and mind.

    1. Shaurya Gupta

      Thank you for giving such valuable information. Beautifully written!!

      1. Karuna kamboj (Gurugram)

        ?गुरु भगवान के शुक्राने है?
        हर Blog पढ़ने के बाद अपनापन Feel होता है।Thanx a lot,for sharing??
        As Guru bhagwan says,”that the highest positivity is God’divine name to welcom that positivity,it is great to start with trying to chant God’s name while consciously breathing.Now
        शवाॅसों की माला पे सिमरु…पी का नाम
        हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे
        हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे
        ?गुरु भगवान के अनन्त शुक्राने है?

      2. Kanchan kapoor

        PUJYA GURU BHAGWAN JI ko Naman hei…
        A million thanks GURU BHAGWAN JI for telling the importance and benefits of deep breathing and chanting.

        Thank you very much BHAGWAN JI…

  28. Bharti

    Very beautiful precise explanation regarding mindful breathing and functioning of our brain.
    A million thanks Guru Bhagwanji for telling the importance and benefits of deep breathing and chanting. Thank you very much for revealing that deep breathing with positive imagination is helpful for reaching to higher level of consciousness , good health as well as for better sleep.

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