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We all want to be happy. Yes, it’s true, but how?? That’s the point which puts a big question mark…

Let’s discuss few ways to resolve this issue. There are 7 ways to be happy-


Amitabh Bachchan, in his school days, once could not perform in his annual function due to fever. He cried bitterly as he had the main role. His father then consoled him by saying, “If things happen your way, its good; but if they happen as per God’s will, its even better.” Whatever happens, happens with the will of God. When we build a connection with the higher force and start accepting what comes our way instead of resenting it, the Universal energy flows through us giving eternal happiness.


We can not only thank God for what He has given us but also what we are going to get. We should thank Him profusely every day, and every time.

Denzel Washington, the Oscar winning famous Hollywood actor says that you imagine what you want from life and thank God before even receiving it, imagine that it is actually happening to you. Even a poor man can be happy if he knows he is healthy and each organ in his body is priceless. So, count your blessings and be happy.


Our Mentor says, “I can’t be happy until I make you happy too”

One of the prime reasons of unhappiness occurs when we only think about ourselves. When we help others, we get their blessings, which in turn, make us happy.

Please them, don’t tease them,

Raise them up, don’t let them down,

Remember, what goes around comes around.

Our happiness is a buy product of making others happy. We should strive to make others happy.


Suppose you are giving a difficult exam. You can’t do much except writing the paper after studying hard, right? So do your best and don’t worry about the results. What else can you do? Have anything in mind?…If results don’t appeal to you, you need to work harder. After all, “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”


Past brings tears, future brings fears and the present brings cheers. This is not just a quote-its a way of life. If we live each moment to the fullest, we can be happy and cheerful. Think about it-Do we ever tend to remember the pleasant things of the past? Do we think about the positive things that can happen in the future? No, we dwell on sad memories of the past and are worried about what will happen in the future.


Its best to see a child, how he is happy without a reason, smiles at strangers, keeps busy and does not worry. There is a child living inside all of us-no matter how old we are. We need to awaken that child and live with freedom.

Have you ever heard the story of the seed and the mountain?

Well….once there was a seed, lying at the foot of a great mountain. The egoistic mountain grew proud about his size and teased that little seed, by comparing her with an ant. The seed politely accepted what the mountain said and one day, she sat on the wind and landed on the mountain peak, where she steadly into a plant. The mountain was now ashamed, that the tiny seed had now become higher than him. This also applies to our own lives.


You must have heard, ‘Love others’; ‘care for others’; ‘help others’; this others, that others, the list is endless. But have you ever heard anyone replace ‘others’ with ‘yourself’? If you can’t love yourself, how can you love others?

For example, if a cook can’t taste the food himself, can he feed it to other, without knowing its taste?

Accept yourself the way you are, instead of finding faults in yourself and your work. Try it, it will work wonders. Love yourself. Care for yourself. Help yourself. Enjoy life as it comes.


Everyone and everything has a nature. The birds nature is to fly, the stars is to shine, and the fish is to swim. Our real nature is to be happy. We can not question why birds fly and fish swim as it is their nature to do so. We should have faith in God and follow the 7 ways to be happy:

  • Adjust your will with the will of God
  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Make others happy
  • Do your best and leave the rest
  • Live in the present moment
  • Be child like
  • Love yourself

We should try to be happy, whatever the situation “Happiness is the key to success”.

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